by Poster Children

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A collection of hard-to-find Poster Children singles, B-sides and outtakes.


released January 1, 2001

Rick Valentin: Guitar and Vocals
Rose Marshack: Bass and Vocals
Jeff Dimpsey: Guitar (Tracks 1,2)
Jim Valentin: Guitar (Tracks 2-16)
Bob Rising: Drums (Tracks 1-5)
John Herndon: Drums (Tracks 6-8)
Howie Kantoff: Drums (Tracks 9-16)


all rights reserved



Poster Children Champaign, Illinois

Poster Children was formed in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001. Known for a strong DIY ethic and relentless touring, the band has released ten albums, eleven videos, and a DVD and were pioneers in the use of the web, blogs, podcasts and enhanced CDs for promoting their music. ... more

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Track Name: Pointed Stick
Needles, masks and plastic curtains
Needles, knives and plastic surgeons
Medication from the nurses
Fill the forms for insurance
They won't tell me what is missing
Or what's left - nothing's left

Doctors kill without the killing
They can cut you with no feeling
Count the cracks up in the ceiling
Fill the cracks, control the bleeding
They won't tell me what is wrong
And what is right - nothing's right

There have been some alterations
There's a change in medication
There have been some complications
From the last two operations
They won't tell me what is missing
Or what's left - nothing's left
Track Name: Thinner, Stronger
Billy's got a chemical
It keeps his mind under control
He doesn't know that it exists
He doesn't know he was born with it

Every thought he's ever had
Was a chemical imbalance
All the chemicals in his head
Help him keep his balance

Something seeped into the backyard
Found its way into our home
Isolate it, throw it out
Finds its way back on it's own

Polystyrene HFC
Neurotoxin MSG
There's no water left to drink
There's no time for me to think

Toxic waste with a human face
Every time I breathe I start to shake
There's no water left to drink
There's no time for me to think

Track Name: It's True!
I am the love child of the king
It's painful when I try to sing
I can't find anything to prove he's dead
My face feels like a spider web

Lotto song may make you rich
Brezhnev died in '76
Amazing skin game diet plan
Doctor makes his wife a man

Love child
Skin game

Nixon went the other way
A phantom vet kills rats from the grave
God sent angels to save my girl
A dead red cabbage held the fate of the world

Amazing skin game diet plan
Doctor makes his wife a man
I'm glad god gave you to America
I'm glad god gave you to America

And I know they will be there
In their ships of steel and glass
To save our past
When the big one drops on us
They will come and rescue us

It's true!
Track Name: Everything Burns
It all started when we were kids
Lighting things on fire
Anything we could get our hands on
Model trains, model cars
And on that day, when the whole house went up
That's when I learned
Everything burns

Now I'm older and things haven't changed
I'm walking down the street with a can of gasoline
I'll take away your car
I'll take away your house
I think it's time you learned
Everything burns

That's right, I'll take it all away
Your car, your house
Your TV, your VCR
Anything I can get my hands on
Your clothes, your cash
Your church, your flag
It's time you learned
Everything burns
Track Name: Matter Crush
Plug in the glass eye
Turn off the right side
Fill the hole in your head

May we present
For your entertainment
Earth spinning in its grave

Painting a picture
Without perspective
Missing the point of view

Hypnotized by the facts of life
Feeling up to date
And out of touch
Track Name: Roe Vs. Wade
The ocean is larger than you could have fathomed
The troubled waters are deeper than you could imagine
They're hiding the dangers that wait in the depths
For someone to take a wrong step

Live on an island an try to ignore
All the garbage that washes up onto the shore
Avoiding attacks that come from all sides
But someday you'll run out of places to hide

Walking on water seems easy
Until you are stuck on a boat that is sinking
And thinking I gotta do something about this
Before it's too late, cause if I had a choice
I'd row versus wade

Take two steps forward and then one step back
And another another until you are marching
Straight into the past where you come face to face
With all of the trouble you thought you escaped

Maybe I'm thinking too much
Then again, maybe I'm not thinking enough
About running aground when there's no one around
With the strength that it takes
For pulling us out of this place

Follow the leader seems easy
Till you realize that you've been left behind once again
And your voice can't be heard through the noise of the engine
And the only choice left for you now
Is to sink or to swim
Track Name: Ten O'Clock Tigers
It's not very nice
To cut up your wife
It's not very nice
Now you'll pay the price
For running the red light

A face at the window
A knock on the door
Surrounded by strangers
Who know who you are
A shadow in the dark

Ten o'clock tigers are in the air
Shining their spotlights everywhere

A storm cloud of wasps
Blocks out the sun
Denying the lies
As you are stung
There's nowhere left to run

You've been told again and again
You've seen the movie
You know how it ends
The bad guys never win

Ten o'clock tigers are in the air
Underneath the neon glare
Track Name: Bulletproof
Talk to me not the cartoon that you created
Complicated, no one is that thin
Look around, there is no man behind the curtain
What's the problem? Who do you hate today?

You've been blinded, sided with the selfish centers
Hanging out with the marionettes
I'm always here if you need someone for target practice
Instead of firing point blank on yourself

What you see is what you get from me
Bullet proof

Everybody has a kink in their armor
It's OK, your secret's safe with me
And who cares what the simple simons say
I will get out of the way
Track Name: Everything Must Go
I don't want it, I don't need it anymore
I can't stand it, I don't like it anymore
I've got so much garbage filling up my life
I'm ditching everything
It's gonna take all night

I broke the mirrors and kicked in the TV set
Defaced the walls and ripped up the carpet
I got rabid, I tore out the telephone
I've got hangups
I know everything must go

I'm not a person that you want to have around
I build mountains just so I can tear them down
I've got damage, I've got logic overload
I've got problems
I know everything must go

Throw out the fashion fascists
Destroy the old school and the new
Get rid of all the extras
Remove the skeletons and glue

It's time to bury heroes
The word genius is a lie
Don't let yourself look backwards
The past is not the place to die
Track Name: New World Record
It's not black, it's not white
It's kind of greyish in the light
By the book, buy the hype
Reading inbetween the lines

Computer generated scenes
In glossy lifestyle magazines
Furniture for the mind
It's the perfect waste of time

A new world record

Give me numbers, give me facts
Give me data I can track
Mix it down, mix it up
Following the formula

Demographic target test
Find out which parts work the best
Build each song brick by brick
Until all of the pieces fit the record

A new world record
Track Name: Remember Your Name
I went to the DMV to renew my identity
Hair brown, eyes brown, sex and height
Date of birth, weight one sixty five

Hands on the wheel, keep to the right
Eyes on the road, obey all signs
Follow the rules, stay in your lane
Remember your number and always remember your name

UPC my groceries
Take my social security
Car phone time zone area code
Email pager fax work home

I'm organized, it's alphabetical
You look familiar, I think we've met before
Somewhere inside my PDA I know who you are
I remember your number and name

Credit cards and calling cards
Bank ATM and business cards
Magnetic strips and microchips
The whole world has been blown to bits

Parallel lives, virtual duplicates
Consumer clones, you think you're different
We look the same to the machine
Remember your number and name
Track Name: Ferris Wheel
The kids are mean, they're mean to me
I dance, I sing, they kick and scream
Behind this mask, I can't talk back
Inside this suit, I'm safe but trapped

The ferris wheel has just collapsed
The roller coaster jumped its tracks
The carousel has broken down
This ship of fools has run aground

When we play games, they call me names
They punch my nose, they rip my clothes
The kids have made a big mistake
I've had as much as I can take

The hall of mirrors is caving in
The tilt-a-whirl has lost its spin
The animals have all escaped
There's no one left for the parade

The trapeeze artist swung and missed
The acrobats have lost their grip
The fire eater's burned the tent
The lion tamer's lost his head

The kids all laugh, they laugh at me
The kids have made a big mistake
Track Name: Superhero
Trapped between the pages of a magazine
Stuck behind the glass of a TV screen
Those superheroes aren't going to save the day
If all of us turn and look the other way

You have the power, you have the strength
Believe in yourself, you know you are what you think
It's time to save the world, it's time to get real
You don't have to be a man or woman of steel

To be a superhero

There are people everywhere who need our help
Don't leave that job for others, do it yourself
We can make the world a better place
If we all get together now before it's too late

A teacher or a volunteer or activist
A doctor or a nurse or a scientist
A mother, father, sister, brother or best friend
Will make the biggest difference in the end

They're all superheroes