New World Record

by Poster Children

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released February 23, 1999

Rick Valentin - guitar, vocals
Rose Marshack - bass, vocals
Jim Valentin - guitar
Howie Kantoff - drums

Written and recorded by Poster Children at Studio Tedium in Champaign, Illinois.

Mastered by Jonathan Pines at Private Studios.

Hello and thanks to Kristen, Ellen, Jimmie, ML + Skip, Our Families and Friends, spinART, Fugazi,, C-U Rockstars, people who let us sleep on their floors, listservers, Geoff Parasol, Ted & Larrikin, Skins n' Tins, everyone who has been here since the beginning and everyone new.


all rights reserved



Poster Children Champaign, Illinois

Poster Children was formed in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001. Known for a strong DIY ethic and relentless touring, the band has released ten albums, eleven videos, and a DVD and were pioneers in the use of the web, blogs, podcasts and enhanced CDs for promoting their music. ... more

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Track Name: Accident Waiting To Happen
How can I resist?
How can I resist?
With broken arms and broken wrists
With broken arms and wrists

What did I hear you say?
Did I hear you say?
You think you drive better
You think you drive better when you're this way

I can see it coming
From a million miles
I can hear it coming
Just like a train

This is just an accident waiting to happen

What am I to do?
What am I supposed to do?
I don't want to spend (no offense)
I don't want to spend my last hour with you

It's a lovely day
Let's keep it that way
The broken glass
Is beautiful

This is just an accident waiting to happen
Track Name: 6 X 6
I'm not going outside for a week
I'm not going outside for a week
Spending all my time where the sun don't shine
I can't tell if it's day or night

There is no space inside this place
But I reside inside the wire

6 by 6
My room is 6 by 6

Don't call me, I won't pick up the phone
Don't try knocking, I won't answer the door
Apartment of my dreams, surrounded by machines
This room's got everything I need

The day begins the way it ends
I'm home alone with all my friends

The artificial light keeps me up all night
While I build my artificial life
Track Name: TIme To Kill
I'm so tired of waking up
And moving at a constant rate
Instead of full velocity
I think I'll just waste some space

Searching for the maximum
With the minimum of work
According to this formula
I've got time to burn

Feeling full of potential
Making every second count
Conservation of energy
The kinetic zeroes out

Action has a reaction
You're better off standing still
Losing all my momentum
I've got time to kill

It took some time to realize
I don't have to win the race
When we hit the finish line
Everyone's in the same place

Searching for the minimum
With the maximum of will
Eliminate the extra weight
I've got time to kill
Track Name: Ankh
He is coming home with both guns drawn
He is looking out for the little man
He is atomic
He is made of gold
He is superfine
He is worldwide

He is back in town to get things done
He is on the street, he is on the run
He is forever
He is cleaning up
He is our only hope
He is number one
Track Name: Mr. Goodnight
Mister Goodnight is in the city
With a special delivery
He's got no rhythm, his timing's awful
You never know when he'll close the circle

There's a dead cat on down the river
There's a cold snap in the weather
He's in the water
He's in the mirror
He's in the ether
He's everywhere

Mister Goodnight out on the town
Black tie required when he's around
He'll crash the party, don't try and stop him
No invitation, he'll find a way in
Track Name: Chemicals
Bring on the chemicals
I am sick
I am disfunctional
I don't fit
My shape is incorrect
The parts don't match
I am all separate
I am detached

I need protection from myself
A simple correction for my health
Temper the temper
Reduce the heat
Eliminate the anger that sets me free

Life is a piece of cake
Life is sweet
Life is a slow decay
It rots my teeth
I need my medicine
I am weak
I can't help myself
I don't think

Bring on the chemicals
Bring on the heat
Bring on the chemicals
And set me free
Bring on the chemicals
Rescue me
Bring on the chemicals
I am weak
Bring on the chemicals
Track Name: Straightline
Judgement comes from above
Concrete shoes fit like a glove
Welcome to the club, welcome to the club
There are no grey areas

I can't find the straight line, straight line
Can't find the straight line

With a mouth full of stones
Closet full of skeletons
Trouble in the blood, trouble in the blood
Got no use for the sun

Judgement comes from below
Everybody wants to know
Which side are you on? Which side are you on?
Where do you think you belong?
Track Name: Planet Earth
He's a man from the government
He's a friend you've never met
He's in a white van down the street
He's been there for at least a week

He wants to know where the money goes
After you collect the souls
He wants to see what you have bought
With the fleece sheared from the flock

This is planet earth

The world didn't end today
Everything looks just the same
There are no saviors in the sky
The prophecies were all a lie

There are no men from planet ten
And you are not an alien
You are like the rest of us
A monkey who has learned to talk

This is planet earth

He's a man from the government
He wants to know where the prophet went
He took off with a case of cash
And left the rocket on the pad

The TV show was a big mistake
Now everyone knows your face
You can't escape the gravity
You can't escape from planet three
Track Name: Good Cop Bad Cop
Friend or foe
I don't know
Hard to tell
Telling me what I want to hear
Faith through fear

Names have changed
Two faces of the same coin
Make a choice
Heads or tails
Dumbo or Donkey Kong

Good cop, bad cop

Hey clown don't mess around
Don't talk back
Keep your eyes on your mouth
Try it, I'll take you down

Fight or flight
Wrong or right
Out of sight and out of your mind
Snapping the thin blue line
Track Name: Secret Handshake
I'm on the wrong side of the compass and the square
The temple and the lodge have agents everywhere
I hear a snap and ice runs down my neck
Feel like I've got a target painted on my back
Right on my back

Stay away from the vibrating palm
You shouldn't hang around where you don't belong
There's a hidden code that you cannot break
It's something you can't fake
It's the secret handshake

They're in the UN, CFR and TLC
They've got the great light of the 33rd degree
The budget's black, just ask Majestic Twelve
The truth is as phony as a dollar bill
A dollar bill

You cannot hide from the all-seeing eye
It watches us from the pyramid in the sky
Trapped inside a web that you can't escape
Unless you learn the ways of the secret handshake

A travelling man in search of what was lost
Moves from the west to east and then the east to west
The king and queen are in on all the schemes
The two of them are definitely pink
I think someone has slipped something into my dreams
In my dreams

Stay away from the vibrating palm
You shouldn't hang around where you don't belong
As simple as a dog, as clever as a snake
Welcome to the new age of the secret handshake
Track Name: Wait And See
Plant a tree in the concrete
Wonder why it doesn't grow
Blame it all on the weather
As the root turns to stone

A million for the masters
Just a penny for your thoughts
Do you every get the feeling
That you've been written off

Things are gonna change just wait and see

Albert's out of the office
Harry's on another line
Jack is always in a meeting
Sam has just been fired

Everything's coming up dueces
No matter who makes the cut
We've got some new excuses
Things are looking up

Had enough of the free fall
Had enough of the joint
Had enough of the heat from
Fat man and little boy

A million for the masters
Just a penny for your thought
Do you ever get the feeling
That you've been written off
Track Name: Deadman
When eleven has turned into twelve
And darkness has shut down the world
Bells ring and the visions begin
The insects are singing a dead man's song

Falling into a space between hands
A space where the sound never ends
Surrounded by echo and fog
The shadows are singing a dead man's song

Separated from every sense
The outside connections collapse
Before you get high on the hope
There's something I think you should know
God gave up on us long ago
He's tired of hearing our dead man's song

When eleven has turned into four
You don't feel yourself any more
The movement has ground to a halt
And we're all left singing a dead man's song