No More Songs About Sleep And Fire

by Poster Children

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Released on Hidden Agenda Records in 2004.


released January 27, 2004

Rick Valentin: Guitar and Vocals
Rose Marshack: Bass and Vocals
Jim Valentin: Guitar
Matt Friscia: Drums


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Poster Children Champaign, Illinois

Poster Children was formed in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001. Known for a strong DIY ethic and relentless touring, the band has released ten albums, eleven videos, and a DVD and were pioneers in the use of the web, blogs, podcasts and enhanced CDs for promoting their music. ... more

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Track Name: Jane
She's the independent daughter
Of her mother and her father
She can think for herself
And you know she will!

Temporarily your junior
You can see she's full of future
She could be president
But she doesn't want to!

While the other kids are drinking
She is outside skating
In the park after dark
Way to go!

She's an expert status-tician
She knows everyone's position
In the high school hierarchy
What about me?

She's a budding kung fu master
She's a tae kwon do soul sister
Yeah, she could kick your ass
But she doesn't want to!

Every question must be answered
All opinions must be challenged
She's young, she's not ignorant
What about you?
Track Name: Western Springs
The city is so cold
A place to be alone
This is where I live
But it's not my home
A million people here
And no one knows your name
I want to see the sky
I've got to get away

Got to get back home
Back to Western Springs
Where the streets are safe
And the grass is green

There's Mom and Dad
Waiting at the door
Refrigerator's full
Go and help yourself
Neighbor's stop on by
And ask you how you've been
I guess I'm doing fine
Now I'm back again

It's good to be back home
Back in Western Springs
Where the sky is blue
And the grass is green
Track Name: Sugarfriend
Hey, haven't seen you in a while
Where you been?
How'd I get so lucky
To be seeing you again
Did you lose your wife?
Did you lose your mind?
Did you lose your money?
Do you want some of mine?

I'm your friend
And you're my sugarfriend
You're my friend
And I'm your sugarfriend

I know all about your problems
I've got problems of my own
But you don't want to hear about it
You don't have the time
Things get bad for me
And you get scarce
Things get worse
And you disappear

I've got you in my corner
As long as you can reach the door
You say you're always there for me
But you're never around
So tell me, what's on your mind?
What's that on your breath?
It's not crow or humble pie
It smells like revenge
Track Name: Flag
We don't agree
That's fine with me
But you seem to think it means
That I'm the enemy

I've got some news
It's my flag too
It belongs to me as much as
It belongs to you

You made a mint
You helped yourself
Don't you think it's time
You helped someone else

It's not a crime
To be dirt poor
I'd like to see you survive
On five bucks an hour

Get off the fence
Get off your ass
It's time to make a stand
Before there's nothing left

We are the truth
We are the rest
We are the future fighting
To destroy the past

I've got some news
It's our flag too
It belongs to us as much
As it belongs to you
Track Name: Shy
Silent and defensive
Always seen but never heard
Make just one mistake
And you will hang on every word

Give no information
Take the fifth and don't talk back
Cut communication
Conversation is a trap

Why fight for attention
Fight to find something to say
Why expose yourself
When no one listens anyways
Track Name: The Floor
I believe in you, do you believe in me?
I'm your paper boy, I'm your favorite freak
I'm an afterschool special, I'm James at 15
I'm a controversial movie of the week

You can't fall off the floor
You can't get down any lower
With all this trouble that I've got
Nowhere else to go but up

I'm the face behind all of the jokes you make
I have got the bends but I will never break
You think you know about what it's like inside
You're here for a day, I'm in here for life

You can't fall off the floor
You can't touch me anymore
You bled me completely dry
But I'm still here, I'm still alive
Track Name: The Leader
The Leader speaks from the heart not the mind
The Leader tells us what we want to here
The Leader knows what's best for the rest of us
Citizens, you must trust the leader

He lies
We know he lies
We love the lies
We need the lies
He lies!

The Leader is watching, you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide
The Leader does not ask for your respect, he demands it!
The Leader represents the one percent who pays his rent
The Leader is the law. Follow the Leader!
Track Name: Now It's Gone
Yesterday was the end of the world
Yesterday everything fell apart
Yesterday we forgot who we were

Everyone came undone
For a moment we were one
And now it's gone

For a day everyone got along
For a day no one knew what to say
Yesterday all the noise went away
Yesterday everything should have changed
Track Name: Different & Special Things
Driving up to heaven in a chinese bus
Drinking magic water and eating dust
History remade in concrete and rust
The altitude consumes the two of us

The air goes thin, we cannot breathe
Our eyes go white, we start to freeze
We cannot move, we cannot think
We cannot see, we don't believe

Do not speak of special things
Different and special things
Do not speak of special things

Passing through an outpost built on faith
We take our samples and we go on our way
From the top of the world to the valley below
There's a world of rot underneath the snow

A photograph can hold the truth
And here the truth can get you killed
But life still grows beneath the stones
Even here where there is no hope

You are here the enemy
Everyone the enemy
You are here the enemy
Track Name: The Bottle
Black-eyed Susan's back in town
She came by to bring us down
With her bread and butter face
She really lights up the place

She's in trouble deep
One foot in the grave
Rent's due in a week
She needs one more drink

Go downtown, hang around
I don't know, why we go
I don't know, why we stay
I don't know, what we're doing

Jack used to be good for a laugh
Now he's just a punching bag
Jack thinks he is Cary Grant
Jack is more like Ray Milland

He's here every night
Looking for a fight
One foot in the grave
He can not be saved

I'm in trouble deep
One foot in the street
Rent's due in a week
I need one more drink
I'm here every night
Looking for a fight
One foot in the grave
I can not be saved
Track Name: Hollywood Pt. II
A minute from the brothers light
A rocket in the open eye
In Black Maria Porter cuts
A journey west to bust the trust
Automatic Vaudeville grows
Into palaces and studios
With Roscoe driven out of town
Along with silence at the speed of sound

Hollywood hold my hand
Take me where I've never been
A perfect life in black and white
Trading in my day for night

There is anger in Babylon
A golden boy from O'Fallon
He's following the postman's code
With one foot always on the floor
The devil's candy and needle drops
The honey wagons and martini shots
The fuller's earth and focus puller
In Cinemascope and Technicolor

Hollywood hold my hand
Take me to the promised land
Wrap me in your silver screen
And save me from reality

Hollywood hold my hand
Pick me up when things go bad
Make me forget, make me believe
A place I never want to leave
Track Name: Midnite Son
A signal from the planet Texas
On the AM radio
Voices heavy on the accent
From a thousand miles or more
The highway whispers in the distance
A car drives slowly down the street
Something stumbles through the darkness
As the whole world falls asleep

Midnight comes, midnight goes
Midnight sun, going cold

Streetlights orange through the windows
Headlights skate across the walls
Shadows call from every corner
When did this room get so small?
Circle back on the beginning
Live a lifetime in reverse
It's getting harder to remember
When this place was the universe

Summer comes, summer goes
Summer sun, going cold

Daylight savings, falling backwards
Another summer left behind
Caught forever in the amber
It feels like Sunday all the time

Winter comes, winter goes
Winter sun, going cold
Midnight comes, midnight goes
Midnight son, growing old