Grand Bargain!

by Poster Children

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released May 18, 2018

Rick Valentin - Vocals, Guitar
Rose Marshack - Bass, Vocals
Jim Valentin - Guitar, Keys
Matt Friscia - Drums

Engineered and Mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago, Illinois / July 30-31, 2016 / July 29-30, 2017 / August 25-26, 2017

Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service


all rights reserved



Poster Children Champaign, Illinois

Poster Children was formed in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001. Known for a strong DIY ethic and relentless touring, the band has released ten albums, eleven videos, and a DVD and were pioneers in the use of the web, blogs, podcasts and enhanced CDs for promoting their music. ... more

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Track Name: Grand Bargain!
America held hostage day one
A lot of folks woke up without power this morning
It’s every man for himself
And every woman at 70% of the going rate

In the land of the free market
And the home of the wage slave
It's not the robots you need to worry about
It's the corporate human

I am a paid enemy of the state
Guilty in an attempt to educate
To teach is to leech to sell divine
The business of America is business

This is a company town
A 21st Century Pullman
16 tons or 64bits it's all the same

Rule by thieves
To use the mechanism of government
To enrich oneself
At the expense of the greater good

The 6 billion dollar man will be our savior
Greed is God
Starve the Beast
Let’s see if that puts food on your plate
Track Name: Hippie Hills
Second grade, late for class
Parking lot, ambulance
Principal, crowd of kids
Broken arms, broken skin

That’s the day that Simon fell off the swingset
He’s OK, cause he fell on top of Judy

Double dare on the hill
Are you a Jack or a Jill
Building speed, hit the ramp
Catch some air before the crash

Hippy Hills can only be reached on two wheels
That’s where I destroyed a brand new Stingray
Breaking glass underneath the overpass
Trading cards, iron ons and GT skateboards

The best years of our lives
Back in better times
A perfect summer world
Perfect boys and girls

The way things never were
Your memories all are blurred
Locked up in a room
From August until June

Feeling lost in the park
Sun is down, getting dark
We’re your friends, where’re your friends?
All alone, ditched again

Hippy Hills was buried by a subdivision
All the kids are inside plugged into their systems
My hometown is a well-maintained corporate theme park
Yesterday, only looks good from a distance

I’m going home
The best years of our lives / the way things never were
Track Name: Lucky Ones
Trying to find the past in the mask in front of me
The hair and eyes don't match but there's a trace left underneath
I always thought you were the lucky one
You always got the best of me

The halo made of gold above your head has turned to lead
I missed out on the crash but I still see it in your face
I always thought you were the lucky one
But now I see that it was me

Time has passed, we’ve evened out
There’s nothing left to shout about
And now I see we’re both the lucky ones
We lost it all but still survived

Trying to find a path through the past in front of me
Track Name: World's Insane
I see a burning cross held aloft by a man of God
And it shakes my faith in the whole human race

I see a looming cloud shining bright like a dying star
Am I alone in this? Or do you see it too?

Is it too late
For us to change
Well I’m afraid
Our world’s insane

I hear my neighbor speak in the voice of conspiracy
Should I stay and fight or just let it be?

We’re living at the mercy of a doomsday cargo cult
We are desperately in need of a responsible adult

It’s getting strange
We’re out of place
The rules have changed
This world’s insane

We are standing upright in a world turned upside down
We have got to stick together
We have got to hold our ground

Their perspective was infected by a virus going round
There's nothing wrong with me
There's nothing wrong with you

But they’re deranged
They have no shame
We cannot wait
For them to change
They can’t be saved
This world's insane
Track Name: Devil and the Gun
He comes to work or church or school
He gets a pass cause he looks like you
Then he takes everyone away
Leaves us here to pick up the change

Find a quiet place
For the ones you love
There’s no escape
From the devil with the gun

He visits you in your darkest hour
Selling suicide disguised as power
Tells you freedom has a price
You have no choice, you have to buy

A man is at the door
And there’s nowhere left to run
You can’t ignore
The devil with the gun

He comes to town bearing thoughts and prayers
Sends our children over there
They take out all our enemies
And leaves a hole in the family

This is how they become
The devils with the guns
How we become
The devils with the guns
We have become
The devils with the guns
We all become
The devils with the guns
Track Name: Better Than Nothing
I'm not a loser
But I never win
You call me a slacker
But I never had a chance
My failure is fueling your success

I gave you my body
The best years of my life
I saved all my pennies
But I can’t buy back the time

I lost my youth, my heart/soul, my mind
But you still treat me like a child

You can be replaced
You can be retired
It's better than nothing
What we give you to survive

We gave you cakes and candy
A circus every night
And now you want health and welfare?
This affects/impacts the bottom line

Whoever said that life was fair?
You should be grateful for a share
People are starving everywhere

We can be divided
We can be contained
But it's all temporary
There’s a price you’re gonna pay
They hold the power
We have the numbers in this war
Better than nothing doesn’t cut it anymore
Track Name: Brand New Country
We’re gonna start a brand new country
Better than the one we've got
We'll throw out all the politicians
And rebuild from the bottom up

Everybody will be welcome
Everyone will have a choice
We will all work together
United with a single voice

We’ll show these tyrants that
We can take of ourselves
We’ll be the model
We’ll sow the seeds-- we’ll show the world

Why are there so many questions?
This is harder than I thought
It’s right here in the constitution
Why can’t we all get along?

The system is broken
It’s too complex to understand
We need a leader
To bring us together again

I don't like what he's saying
That woman doesn't speak for me
I don’t agree with your positions
This doesn’t feel like my country

Who are these strangers?
Who let all these heretics in?
Where are the heroes?
And where are the true citizens?
I think it’s time this experiment
Came to an end

We’re gonna start a brand new country
Built on promises and faith
We’re gonna fill it up with people
Who think and talk and look the same
Track Name: Better Place
All of my friends think you are great
They think I’ve made a big mistake
I don’t know who they think they are
I don’t know who they think I am

I’m in a much better place
Unfriended I’ve gone face to face
I see who is real, who’s a fake
I’m in a much better place

Always in touch I need my space
After 10 years I need a break
I’ve lost all sense, I’ve lost all taste
My time with you has been a waste

And I love to be alone
And I need some one on one
But I can’t be in this crowd
Don’t wait up I won’t belong

I’m in a much better place
Unfriended I’ve gone face to face
I’m in a much better place
I see who is real, who’s a fake
Track Name: Final Offense
A lily white empire built on the backs of stronger men
Mythologies that hide the broken lives and stolen land

This is your first offense
Trading bodies for cash
Three fifths of a man
This is your first offense

Mothers daughters sisters lovers betrayed by their own sons
Used for labor and reward in the battles you have won

It’s your second offense
These are the facts
You had your chance
It’s your second offense

You stripped the soul out of the earth and fouled the bed we share
You filled the sky with cyanide and left us sucking air
For your crimes you will be fined with the only life you care
These are the lessons of Turner, Mother Jones and Robespierre

It's your final offense
Final offense
Off with their heads
It's your final offense
Track Name: Big Surprise
Losing faith as I stare
Into this poison heart we share
We feel the beat everywhere
But we pretend that we don’t care
We all ignore the warning signs
We try to hide from the big surprise

We forgive the unforgivable
As if we’re not responsible
Our history’s a pattern of
Endless circles and broken lines
And when the darkness comes alive
We all act like it's a big surprise

Raze a building, write a song
Waste your breath until it's gone
Fight the future for as long
As you have the strength to carry on
And even though we know it's time
It always comes as a big surprise
Track Name: Safe Tonight
Sifting through a century or more
Memories are spread across the floor
Cutting through the layers of sentiment
Digging deeper than we've ever been

The residue
A broken shell
Abandoned well

Saving multiples, collecting dust
Pulling out the roots and farming rust
Living out of sight and out of mind
Boxing up what's left’s a losing fight

An empty chair
A living room
An open wound

We are in the back seat
Sleeping soundly through the night
Buried under blankets
Dreaming through the snow and ice
And our mother’s singing softly
In a voice from another life
You’re safe tonight
Safe tonight

Now we’re in the front seat
Coloring within the lines
Flying through the darkness
Til we catch the morning light
And we know what is coming but
for now this place is quiet
We’re safe tonight